Joining the CFSP

To join the Center for Friction Stir Processing, we recommend the following:

  1. TRY ME Review the membership documents: The CFSP Membership Agreement is the contractual agreement between the member and the center. The Center Bylaws describe the operation of the center. The Membership Agreement and Bylaws are the same for all center members, and are consistent with NSF guidelines.  Key items to note include the following:
    • Effective 1 September 2015, membership fees are US$50,000 per membership, per year.  After the first membership, the fee is US$45,000 for each additional membership
    • For members who were current on 1 September 2015, and who maintain continuous membership with a lapse of no more than 12 months, membership fees are US$35,000 per membership, per year.  After the first membership, the fee is US$30,000 for each additional membership
    • There is an expectation of joining the center for a minimum term of three years
    • Membership fees will go to a particular university site for each membership
    • Current research outcomes for all sites are available to all members
    • Once three years of membership have been paid, a member has access to all previous Center reports.
  2. Contact the Center Director or one of the site directors, whose contact information is available here.  Discuss with them your plans and desires.
  3. Sign the membership agreement and make arrangements for payment with your specific site.


We look forward to seeing you as a member of the CFSP.